About us

Extraordinary mirrors for Hospitality/
Contract and Residential

MunnWorks is a global leader in the manufacturing of fine mirrors to suit every project. From statement pieces that have the impact of original art, to meticulous high-volume production for guest rooms or multi-family projects, we work closely with designers to achieve the perfect balance of aesthetics and economics.

Collaboration with designers

MunnWorks is known for close collaboration with designers. In the hospitality industry we have brought to life the vision of celebrated designers such as Roger Thomas, who have come to us with ideas that our expert team has taken from concept to realization.

Design by Roger Thomas

Hidalgo mirror


Our pieces become a showcase for a designer’s work. When designers who work in both hospitality and residential sectors started coming to us for mirrors that transform upscale homes, our residential division was born. Our contract division continues to lead the way in innovations for bathrooms, including mirrored medicine cabinets that are lit from within and quality lit mirrors that double as virus-killers.

Domestic and overseas manufacturing keep you on time and on budget

Our headquarters in Mount Vernon, NY serves as the center for domestic manufacturing, where our mirrors are proudly made in America. We have instituted multi-site domestic production for high-value items, complicated designs and finishes, working with a satellite network of artisans and craftspeople, including gilders, carvers, and old-world finishers. In addition to our domestic partners, we maintain overseas production capability with on-site supervision and quality control by MunnWorks employees.

The Munn family legacy

For more than half a century, the Munn family has been producing custom-made frames for art and mirrors, which have been often referenced in industry texts and by museum curators. Our long experience in this industry is one of our most valuable assets, whether the design is contemporary or classical.

Munnworks Core Values


We will earn your trust, each time, over and over again. This is one of the greatest things our customers can award us.


We know that a superior product made today can be made even better tomorrow. Continuous improvement is our hallmark and the way we operate domestically and overseas.


Our customers will be able to rely on the fact that what we say, we actually do. Succeeding once and maybe twice is not an option for our company, as we are only as good as our last project.