Munn Works custom furnishings is the gold standard for the world’s finest hotels and residences.
For more than half a century the Munn family has been producing custom-made furnishings for the hospitality industry.

Our long experience in this industry is often referenced in industry texts and by museum curators. This heritage is one or our most valuable assets that attracts talented people and differentiates us. Our customers can depend that MunnWorks will deliver their products as designed, on budget, and on time. Our skilled team and integrated manufacturing facilities in the U.S.A. help you achieve the perfect balance of aesthetics and economics without the delays of overseas shipping.

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Our Factory

With domestic and overseas facilities, we keep you on time and on budget.

Our headquarters in Mount Vernon, NY and our mega factory in Brooklyn, serve as the centers for our domestic manufacturing of high-value and complicated designs. We work with a network of artisans and craftspeople, including gilders, carvers, and old-world finishers to achieve the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. In addition to our domestic partners, we maintain overseas production capability with on-site supervision and quality control by MunnWorks employees.

MunnWorks is known for close collaboration with designers to deliver innovative products and design solutions. From statement pieces that have the impact of original art, to meticulous high-volume production for guest rooms or multi-family projects, we work closely with clients to achieve the perfect balance of aesthetics, solutions, and economics.

Our back-lit electrified mirrors are not only UL-approved and energy-efficient, they can also be coupled with our distinguished frame line. Our signature LED boasts a 50,000-hour life and MunnWorks’ patented the world’s only disinfecting mirror, and a retrofit kit that turns any lighted mirror into a virus-killer! Our germicidal UVC LED’s safely destroy 99.99% of pathogens automatically. Design an utterly unique bathroom experience highlighting guests safety, while hitting your budget, and delivery goals for volume orders.

Our Process

For over 40 years, we’ve been satisfying our clients by crafting amazing furnishings that their customers love.

Design Ideas

Get inspired by our favorite client collaborations.